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Welcome to the Firewalk

A Silicon Valley experience inspired by escape rooms and role-playing games designed to immerse you in the Valley culture and take you from idea to stage in one week.

Silicon Valley is a unique place. A magical and brutal innovation ecosystem where thousands of ideas are born and die every day.
Unfortunately, visitors have no way to really experience it. People visit, from all around the world, hoping to get dusted with the Valley magic, but most programs don't go beyond campuses visits. The problem is, one can't learn the Valley mindset without truly living it.
We've combined our backgrounds in software development, data-science, game design, UX Design, acceleration programs and movie making to create Firewalk, an experience that allow participants to walk in the footsteps of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way."
- Mark Twain

Are you ready to walk on fire?


How does it work?

The Firewalk is a one-week program combining Silicon Valley culture immersion with an idea-to-stage acceleration experience.
Teams are formed based on our proprietary machine-learning recommender system. Each team gets its own living space in the Valley and are assigned a fictitious startup loaded with real business scenarios. Through visits, challenges and insightful team-building experiences, they learn about the Valley culture and get hands-on with its latest product development tools and methods.
In the end, each team pitches its project for real venture capitalists and take home a documentary film of their adventure.

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Machine learning-based Team formation

Our proprietary machine-learning algorithm uses participants personalities to form teams and assign roles.

Rich scenarios for immersive Roleplay

Monday through Thursday, you will face challenges, engage in product building activities, and learn from mentors.

Real idea to stage acceleration

Move from discovery to pitch stage and receive feedback from mentors, angels, and Venture Capitalists.


Step by step

You will never forget your Firewalk week.

7:00 AM TO 8:00 AM
@ Draper University

Stage 0: Ignite breakfast

All teams gather for a meet & greet with our team and mentors. The kick-off meeting will take place in the same space where teams will be pitching Friday.

#TeamBonding #Networking

9:00 AM TO 7:00 PM
@ Silicon Valley

Stage 1: Silicon Valley Inspiration

Today we will spend the day visiting the landmarks and iconic companies that have made Silicon Valley the unique cradle of disruptive innovation it is. Visits include the Intel museum, Google Campus, Apple Park, Stanford University, and others. The stories you will hear will get you inspired and set the tone for the remaining stages.

#Inspiration #Culture #StartupAgility #DisruptiveTechs

7:30 AM TO 9:30 pm
@ firewalk hq

Dinner and fireside chat with mentors and special guest

Join our team, mentors, and a special guest on this open conversation about Silicon Valley's culture, latest dynamics, and trends. This conversation will provide you with a deeper understanding of the Valley ecosystem. We will move beyond the stereotype and into the real mindset driving the Bay area. This open discussion will cover the region history of struggles, changing demographics, political activism, human rights, and other forces that helped shape Silicon Valley and still do.

#Inspiration #Culture #StartupAgility #DisruptiveTechs

8:00 AM TO 9:00 AM
@ Firewalk HQ

Breakfast and acceleration program launch

Inspirational stories help. However, as Mark Twain once said: A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way. Today marks the launch of the Firewalk acceleration. Over the next days, you will walk in the footsteps of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, experiencing how they think and will play with the tools they use to develop cutting-edge, disruptive products.
During this breakfast, you will learn about Silicon Valley battle-tested approaches to map user needs and market opportunities.

#UXResearch #DesignSprints #TeamBonding #Networking

9:00 AM TO 7:00 pm
@ Startup house
@ incubator space

Stage 2: Product development

The first step is discovery. Each team will walk through their assigned startup main challenge and investigate users' pain points, market opportunities, and ideate possible solutions. Teams will face challenges and learn from mentors and special guests. By the end of the day, the team should have a clear target to focus their product development efforts on.

#DesignThinking #UXResearch #ServiceDesign #DesignSprints #MarketResearch #ProductDevelopment

7:30 AM TO 9:30 pm
@ firewalk hq

Dinner: User Interviews speed date and challenge

Bring your conclusions, targets, and hypothesis and meet with real users, mentors, and specialists during dinner.

#UXResearch #UserTesting

9:00 AM TO 1:00 pm
@ Firewalk hQ

Brunch and prototypes

During breakfast, teams will receive instructions on how to build quick prototypes to test their ideas. Mentors will work with teams to set up the best prototyping strategy, create, and test prototypes.

#DesignSprints #UXDesign #DesignThinking #ServiceDesign #TeamBonding #Networking

1:30 pm TO 4:00 pm
@ Company's HQ

Immersive Silicon Valley company visit and lecture

We will spend an incredible afternoon immersed at an iconic company's headquarter, hearing their leaders' perspectives and visions for the future. After the visit, teams will be presented with a challenge to incorporate the learnings and takeaways into their startup challenge. Previous companies visited included: Airbnb, Netflix, Facebook, UCSF Biotech labs, Pinterest, and others.

#Networking #DisruptiveTechs

5:00 PM TO 9:00 PM
@ Golden Gate
@ Sausalito

Sunset wrap up session at the Golden Gate bridge and dinner with Bay views in Sausalito

There is nothing more Silicon Valley than a walkabout session. Steve Jobs was known for his problem-solving walks. This short hike will take us to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, a landmark for the Bay Area and the embodiment of the fusion of design and technology. Weather permitting we will hike up the Marin Headlands trails (easy hike) for a killer and unique view of San Francisco and the Bay Area.


9:00 AM TO 10:30 AM
@ Firewalk hq

Breakfast and insights cross-pollination

Meet the mentors and team for breakfast. We will share takeaways and insights from the journey so far. We will also kick-off the third stage of the program.

#TeamBonding #Networking

10:30 AM TO 4:30 pM
@ incubator space

Stage 3: Startup Pitch Clinic

Learn how to tell the perfect story and fine-tune your pitch deck with seasoned Silicon Valley pitch coaches, fundraising advisors and storytelling experts in this hands-on clinic.

#GrowthMarketing #FundRaising #Storytelling #StartupAgility

5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
‍@ f

Dinner: Teamwork challenge and fireside chat with special guest.

This is our last night together, and we guarantee it will be a memorable one. From the cooking challenge to the Californian craft beers and wines, we will get together to reflect on the experience so far, learn from each others' perspectives and help one another with the final touches for the pitch tomorrow.

#TeamBonding #Networking

10:30 AM TO 12:30 pm
@ draper university

Stage 4: The Fire Pitch

It all leads here. Today you will pitch your work and receive feedback from real Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, and mentors. This is your team's last chance to rack up firecoins and go for the win.

#FundRaising #StartupAgility #StoryTelling

12:30 AM TO 1:00 pm

Firewalk awards

The judges will score the teams based on three different criteria. First, the amount of firecoins they raised during the program, secondly the entrepreneurial spirit with which the team faced the challenges, and, finally, the most innovative solution.

#TeamBonding #Networking

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Farewell lunch and graduation

With the fire pitch behind you, take a deep breath, grab a beer or wine, and work the room to celebrate with other participants and mentors. Welcome to the Silicon Valley community, you've earned your badge. In this session, we will also sit to watch the film about your Firewalk experience. You will take home a film documentary, the certificate, new friends, connections and amazing memories.

#TeamBonding #Networking

* Silicon Valley is a seasonal ecosystem. This agenda is a baseline, visits and spaces may change in order to maximize the experience of participants.

learning paths

The takeaways

The challenges are designed in a way to deliver to you a comprehensive experience covering the following learning paths:

growth marketing

Learn to run quick and cheap experiments to optimize and improve market positions.

startup agility

Get sprinkled with Silicon Valley's move fast and break things magic dust.

SV NEtworking

Acquire serious networking by tapping into our mentors and venture capitalists circle.

Design Sprints

Learn to build products with a users' first mindset. Learn Design Thinking and Service Design tools and how to move quickly from research to concept and prototyping.

team bonding

Enjoy teamwork activities and startup development challenges that are designed to foster collaboration and strengthen relationships.

Fund raising & burning

Learn about VC fundraising. Go from receiving firecoins from mentors to the final pitch where you will receive feedback from Venture Capitalists. The program was designed to simulate silicon valley's gold rush.

disruptive techs

From biotech to Machine Learning, and both combined, we will get you up and running on the latest tech trends and possibilities.

product DEvelopment

Our role-playing game inspired startup challenges, and scenarios will immerse you on a journey to take a product from point A to B, using Silicon Valley product development skills and tools.

ux design

Understand and apply essential User Experience design concepts and tolls that can be easily adapted to your real business challenges and scenarios.

Raising money


During the program, your team will venture through the process of raising capital. Mentors and investors will be able to invest in your team through the firecoin wallet App.

Art + Tech + Design + Science

The team

Firewalking since ever.

We are makers, content creators, scientists, and serial entrepreneurs. A multidisciplinary team united with one purpose: To create a window for visitors to truly experience Silicon Valley.

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Founder // Acceleration + Design + tech

Tenny Pinheiro

Serial entrepreneur unicorn (coding-designer) and author.

A serial entrepreneur, coding-designer, and author of six books on Design Thinking and Service Design. Tenny pioneered Service Design Sprints and designed acceleration programs for companies worldwide including Cisco in Silicon Valley, where he lives. Starting at age thirteen, he bootstrapped more than thirty startups and ventures so far and is currently developing a Machine Learning-based App that encodes and servitizes the human personality. More:

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founder // COntent creation + Storytelling + film

Vitor Vilela

Awarded Movie director/ producer

Vitor’s career spans the technology, media and entertainment industries. From development consultancy work for pioneering internet startups and telecom companies for the likes of TIM, VIVO and Embratel to content creation, marketing and film/media production for NBC Universal, PBS, Channel 4, ITV, SKY, Reuters, BMW, NHS, Hilton Group and the London 2012 Games 

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Board member // Game design

Shuai Chen

MIT and Stanford Neuro-biologist / Game Designer

Shuai has two Bachelor of Science degrees from MIT and a Master of Science degree from Stanford University. She proud represented Team USA in the 2017 World Escape Room Championships. In the past 10 years Shuai produced, coordinated and hosted over 700 game-related events, including augmented reality games, Amazing Race challenges, and pop-up escape rooms. More:

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Board member // partnerships

Nick Larson

Natural born connector + fundraising advisor

Nick is a Silicon Valley native with a passion for technology that improves our lives. He is a natural born connector, with extensive relationships in the Valley and is currently changing the world as the VP and co-founder for Contento a Y-Combinator funded and alumni startup that is disrupting social media management.

program Coordinator // participants Experience

Nicholas Parker

Players' experience and logistics

Nicholas brings to the team his extensive background having worked on experience management for companies like Google, Hertz and Apple. He is also an actor, video and sound designer working on projects for companies like Disney and others.


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Get entrance to all events and sessions

Unlimited cups of coffee with your carnet

Meet in person your favorite speakers

Get Access to all Audio and Video Files


Get entrance to all events and sessions

Unlimited cups of coffee with your carnet

Meet in person your favorite speakers

Get Access to all Audio and Video Files


Get entrance to all events and sessions

Unlimited cups of coffee with your carnet

Meet in person your favorite speakers

Get Access to all Audio and Video Files



This 15-17 of December we will be gathering in the Houston Trade Center.


Lakewood Street 123, Houston, Texas.

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Ready to walk on fire?


The Firewalk program is a team-building experience. Contact us to setup a date for your team to walk on fire.

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